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Having a wonderful vision of what you want to do in life is not enough. You need to know how to turn that vision into a reality. And in order for that to happen you need to support your dreams and goals with knowledge and skill. Only then can you create a coherent and solid foundation for the future you want.

Some people seem to have a natural ability to achieve their goals. Others struggle. The good news is that achieving one’s vision is an ability that is available to anyone who can model excellence.

Achieving your vision encompasses more than what you want to achieve in your life now. There’s a part that has to do with what you want to leave behind – your legacy. Being clear about your legacy will focus your attention on what you need to be doing now to achieve a future goal.

Exploring what we want to achieve and leave behind is more than making a list and prioritising. It is about looking deep within and discovering what really matters. The effect on ones behaviour, once having connected with these highest values, is extraordinarily powerful and influential.

• Make your dream manageable and achievable

• Identify specific beliefs and strategies to create a vision and bring it to fruition.

• Clarify your legacy and build its foundations

• Know the space between Vision and Action is Hesitation

• Learn how to deal with natural doubts and concerns

• Model success

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I used to believe that in order to make a difference one had to make a grand gesture. With time I have come to understand that the smallest gestures can have the biggest impact. Little deeds can make a major difference

Since my mother’s death, I have been sorting through her documents and papers. As I’ve been trawling through years of bank statements and receipts I have been overwhelmed by her lifelong consistency in supporting charities and aid organisations.

My mother was raised to give to those in need. As a child she would put 10 cents – 1/5 of her weekly allowance – into the collection plate at church. As she grew older, she continued donating to her church, the Red Cross and the United Way, as well as a scattering of local museums and arts organisations. Most of the organisations my mother contributed to weren’t ‘high profile’ and all contributions made a significant difference to the balance sheet.

Not a wealthy woman, Mom managed her finances with care. While many of her friends gave thousands of dollars to support their chosen charities, ensuring them a place at the top table, autographed photographs of world leaders, and their names emblazoned in gold on donors’ plaques, Mom would send cheques for $10 and $20 which earned her pads of paper and gummed labels with her name and address on them. (I treasure those pads of paper and think of my mother whenever I write myself a note.) For Mom, it wasn’t about the recognition. Or even the tax deduction. My mother contributed what she could because she wanted to make a difference to people in need.

Remember: A small contribution is better than none at all.

Tip: Making a difference can take many forms. Fix a meal for someone who’s feeling poorly. Help a child with homework. Take the garbage out. Say a kind word to your partner or child before going to sleep. Smile.

Anecdote: A few years ago I had an operation and had to stay in bed for several weeks. One day my friends Belinda and Nicky came to visit. While Nicky helped me bathe and put on a fresh nightgown, Belinda replaced the rumpled sheets on my bed with freshly laundered linens and laid out a picnic lunch for the three of us to enjoy. I felt loved and nurtured. Belinda and Nicky continue to make a difference in my life.

Try This: The next time you notice someone in need, consider how you could make a difference to that person’s life and act upon your thought.

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A Walk in the Woods with Wonderful Working Women

“Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by booking onto our annual May event: A Walk in the Woods with Wonderful Working Women”

Join us Saturday 7th May for a journey with a difference!

 Our day will begin late morning with a walk through the bluebells at Grey’s Court outside the historic market town , Henley on Thames. This National Trust property is a gem in the South Oxfordshire countryside and the woodlands are renowned for their beauty. Having built up an appetite from our woodland walk, we continue our journey to the perfectly positioned Phyllis Court Club on the banks of the Thames near Henley town centre. There we change from our ‘Wellies’ into our ‘Jimmy’s’ and take pre-lunch drinks on the terrace before adjourning to enjoy a specially prepared 2-course lunch with wine in a private dining room overlooking the club grounds and the river beyond. In addition, our guest speaker, Jacqueline Harris of Auric Results, will be sharing her thoughts and insights about Connected Leadership. Discover ways of becoming an authentic leader by connecting with yourself, your listener, and your environment.

Round off the day with a gentle stroll through the town, drinking in the atmosphere and perusing the outstanding shops and boutiques.

Cost for the day is £48 + VAT

There are fun people to meet, ideas to discuss, and much to celebrate with a lot of fun and a few surprises guaranteed. Places are limited so book now.

We look forward to seeing you there.

To RSVP and for payment instructions please contact charlotte@kuhnkecommunication.com or call (01491) 640919


If you’re the kind of person who complains about not having enough time, quit your complaining and make better use of what you’ve got. 

Everyone has 24 hours in their day.  No more, no less.  If you want to round off your day with a feeling of pride and accomplishment, knowing that you’ve completed your tasks and are ready to take on the next lot,  get rid of your physical and mental clutter. Time is a precious commodity.  All too often people give away this limited resource to people, tasks, and possessions which drain their energy leaving them depleted and in despair. Personal preoccupations and self-imposed obligations can hold you back from pursuing your real passions. If you find yourself caught in the rat’s nest of meaningless matters, follow the tips below.   By banish ing your accumulated physical, mental and emotional clutter you’ll find yourself with more time, space and energy to enjoy life.

  • Audit your physical space.  Rid yourself of unwanted items.  If you have paraphernalia that you neither use nor enjoy, let them go. , Need a little money?  Sell them.  Want to make a charitable donation?  Give your things away.  No one else would want your tat either?  Throw it out.  You’ll notice a feeling of lightness in your life when you do.  . By clearing and organising your physical space you’re granting yourself the room to breathe.
  • Determine what’s vital to you for achieving your goals and what an attention distractor is.  Information overload, unrealistic aspirations and busyness are like addictive drugs.  They take up a lot of time and energy and keep you from focusing on what matters.
  • Let go of social obligations that you don’t enjoy.  Be clear in what you want from a relationship and let go of the barriers that keep you from achieving your goals.  Realise that putting up with things is a trap that consumes energy.
  • Say good-bye to guilt.

If you want to feel light, energised and open to new experiences drop the burdens that are holding you back. Every day life throws you many balls – choosing which ones to catch is the secret of a streamlined life.

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While you’re already well into 2011, it’s not too late to turn this year into your year of achievement.  Face your fears, expand your horizons and make things happen. 

If you’re voicing the same wishes, hopes and fears that you have in years gone by, change the record.  Read our guide to banishing the monotony of negativity by  breaking out of your comfort zone, exploring new opportunities and making the most of life’s experiences .

  • Think big.  Banish the Uninvited Guest in your brain who’s holding you back with pessimistic and unconstructive thoughts. If you feel bored and stuck, do something different.  You could go out for a walk.  The change in scenery, the fresh air and putting one foot in front of the other will help you out of your rut.
  • Write down your rainy-day fantasies, own up to your secret hopes and dreams.  By identifying what you want, you’ve taken the first step toward achievement.
  • Pinpoint the bugbears in your daily life to help you create the life you’d love to have.  Eliminate what you can’t stand at present so you can fill the space with what you want in the future. Team up with a buddy; be that person a friend, a colleague or a coach.   Having someone providing support along your journey helps get you there…
  • Look before you leap. You don’t want to take the plunge only to find out there was no water in the pool. Explore possibilities step by step. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.  You’ll feel a great sense of satisfaction taking the steps that lead to your goal.
  • Finally, avoid falling into guilt traps and people pleasing.  This is your life.  Just live it.  

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Crossed arms and hands on hips.  Lowered brows and loose lips.  A steady stare and a tight mouth.  Capello and Beckham have it out.

If you look at the body language of these two men, even the most insensitive observer would notice that England’s  furry faced iconic footballer and his black cladded Latin manager were in dispute.  “He’s a really nice gy,” Capello says of Beckham.  And boy, can’t you just tell he means what he’s saying by the way he’s saying it?

After last night’s slip of an announcement one wonders whether the England manager knew what he was doing.   Beckham no longer playing for England?  An era over?  Did Capello really not tell Beckham himself before making his pronouncement to the sporting press? 

  At 35 and with an assortment of injuries, the majority of fans would concur that it’s time for the legend to make way for younger, fitter players.  But, golly.  What a way to go.  A garbled message delivered in broken English with a  cacophany of hungry journalists braying for a story.  

What next for this sporting hero?  At 35 does he really need to be running down a field, kicking a ball into a net or bouncing it off his head, rattling his brain cells with each thump?  Perhaps he’s happier to let the youngsters do the rough stuff while he continues to leverage his brand.  

Every age has its grace. Let Beckham continue to achieve his goals off the pitch as a husband, father, and public figure.  Just allow him his dignity when you speak to the press.  Wouldn’t he do the same for you?

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