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Kuhnke Communication…20 years in business

Over 20 years ago, Elizabeth Kuhnke had a dream which was to create a company that could help individuals perform at their best.  From the beginning, her passion for people, their progress and their triumphs – as well as her unyielding belief in her clients’ capabilities – was central to the company’s philosophy.  This belief in the individual continues to be at the core of Kuhnke Communication’s culture.

“Working with Elizabeth is hugely beneficial at all levels within the firm. The feedback she receives is exceptionally positive. Her clients appreciate the empathy, insights and willingness to break the mould, as well as her dynamism. She is a delight to work with and a first class addition to our coaching team.” – Partner, Herbert Smith LLP

Having realised part of her dream, Elizabeth knew she’d have to expand her offerings and enlarge the team in order for Kuhnke Communication to fulfil her vision.   So she did.

Kuhnke Communication is a team of expert and experienced subject specialists, known for providing consistently outstanding customer service.

Kuhnke Communication’s customers come from a wide range of industry and the professional services including, and not limited to: accountancy;  law; manufacturing, and telecoms. In addition, Kuhnke Communication is an avid supporter of the charity sector. Kuhnke Communication also has expertise in diversity issues and supports both the public and private sectors in this area.

Kuhnke Communication specialises in interpersonal communication for both teams and individuals and is consistently acknowledged for providing top notch training, coaching and facilitating services in this field.  Time and again clients report that Kuhnke Communication’s products and services are practical, positive and productive.  The team is also known for including a lot of fun in their programmes, believing that “if it’s not fun, why bother?!”

Kuhnke Communication maintains a friendly, fair and creative work environment for its staff and respects diversity, innovation and hard work.

Kuhnke Communication is committed to unleashing people’s potential in a supportive and encouraging environment.  Strengths are celebrated, concerns are eliminated and confidence abounds. It is our mission to challenge our customers’ thinking and behaviour in order to help them achieve their goals.

Kuhnke Communication…where the extraordinary is the norm.

Specialist Areas

Interview Skills
Formal Presentations
Public Speaking
Media Skills
Non-Verbal Behaviours including Voice and Body Language
Media Skills Management
Executive Alignment
Team Development
Diversity Issues
Persuading and Influencing
Change Management

To enquire about any of our scheduled programmes or to discuss a tailored programme for your specific needs, contact us today on:

Tel: + 44 (0) 1491 640 919

Email: info@kuhnkecommunication.com



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