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How to Deal with Problems

Posted on: January 25, 2011

Developing Resilience

Demonstrating strength and composure in the face of adversity enriches your life and enhances the lives of others you engage with…

Disappointments, challenges and even rejection are unavoidable in life. It is how you respond and handle these situations that are important. Whether the stresses are around work, health, relationships or finances acting with resilience – with grace and buoyancy – will see you through the tough times. 3 keys to resiliency are:

  1. Maintaining Emotional Control. Staying calm in a crisis is vital. Express your feelings without acting out your emotions. Not only is this method more elegant than losing your temper, it allows you to take in the situation fully and find a way to move forward.
  2. Being open to new experiences.  – One way of rebuilding your life after a shattering experience   is by doing. Something new that pushes you out of your comfort zone.  By challenging your beliefs and assumptions you may find out that you’re hardier than you thought.
  3. Learning to solve problems. Often in the face of despair you may find yourself struggling to figure out what to do.  Take small steps.   Start by listing the easy wins and how you can achieve them.  By accepting upset as a natural part of life and facing your issues head on with honesty and flexibility, your confidence will increase and your perspective will clear.

Thinking optimistically improves your performance and produces positive results.  Three simple tips for thinking optimistically are

  • expect good things to happen to you
  • visualise what you want
  • respond to setbacks with grace, humour, and courage.

Finally, follow these pointers to ensure you bounce back from whatever’s troubling you:

  • Ask for and accept support from those who care about you
  • Take personal  responsibility for your feelings and behaviour
  • View each trial as an opportunity to build resilience
  • Manage your emotions
  • See problems as challenges, not impossibilities
  • Maintain perspective
  • Focus on positive outcomes

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