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Regain your Zest for life!

Posted on: January 10, 2011

A question I’m often asked is, “How can I gain some zest in my life?” It’s not uncommon for people to feel a little low, pessimistic, or lacking in energy, especially when the weather’s poor, relationships are challenging, and business is tough. Read on to find ways of regaining your zest.

Think about someone who has made a positive impact on you. Chances are that person shows a zest for life, radiating interest, energy and enthusiasm.
A male friend once described my then 93 year old aunt as ‘one of the sexiest women I have ever met.’ His reason? Her energy. Embracing life until the moment of her death, her varied interests, her unconditional support and non-judgemental attitude made being with her a pleasure. Her zest for life radiated through her open body language, vocal energy and positive attitude. You always felt better for having spent time with her.

Below are some of Aunt Louise’s tips for adding zest to your life:

  •        The zest -ivator: Discover what motivates you and fills you with enthusiasm. For some it’s music or dancing. For others it’s running while there are those who discover their zest through reading or meditation. Whatever adds zest to your life, consciously identify what it is. Then, when you feel your energy slipping you know where to go…
  •        Zest at your best: The next time you’re filled with zest, take note of your feelings. Reflect upon your thoughts. Listen to the sound of your voice, the words you’re speaking, and look at your body language including your gestures and facial expressions. Put these observations into your tool kit to draw upon the next time you need a shot of positive energy to raise your zest levels.
  •        The zest effect: When you are full of energy and enthusiasm watch how your audience responds. Zest is motivational, transformational and guarantees that you are remembered positively and for a long time.

Remember: Take a few moments each day to refresh your zest. Draw on your inspiration to create energy and focus.

Tip: Although the mechanism is not yet clear, research has shown that aerobic exercise improves mood through raising brain serotonin levels. So, if you feel energy depleted go for a brisk walk to replenish your zest reserves.

Technical: The secret to Aunt Louise: having a zest for life can help you live longer and more vibrantly. Research shows that how you perceive aging affects how long you will live. In a study of 660 people, those with more positive perceptions of their own aging lived an average of 7.5 years longer.

Caution: Pace yourself. While a zest-filled life is a life worth living, take time to reflect and replenish your reserves. Unrestricted zest can lead to burn out.

Finally: Let your zest for life radiate: your energy and enthusiasm will wow your audience, filling them with zest, too. As Norman Vincent Peale said:

 ‘If you have zest and enthusiasm you attract zest and enthusiasm. Life does give back in kind.’  

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