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Posted on: December 22, 2010

D is for . . . Do it!

Unless we transform speculation into action, unless we DO IT, nothing happens. 

How often have you had a great idea, a vision or dream of who you want to be, what you want to do, or where you want to go? How often have you realized this vision? Taking a leap of faith into your future can feel terrifying, and exhilarating. A friend and colleague of mine is experiencing this journey and loving every minute as she reaches her goal.

Decision: Making the decision can be an epiphany. A chance meeting gave Lisa the confidence she needed. She decided to plan a different future for herself. Taking the leap into the world of freelance work and giving up her job seemed like the right thing to do. Making that decision was pivotal. Unless she planned the direction to achieve her goals, her decision would stay just that: a decision. So what next?

Direction: Plan the steps to take you to your goal. Be open to opportunities. Lisa was working in her friend’s studio on the banks of the Thames. The peace and beauty of the environment inspired her. The atmosphere motivated her to plan the next step of her journey – the name, place and direction of her business. Having decided what she wanted, Lisa then put into place the when, where and how. Now what?

Do it: Make the phone call. Have the challenging conversation that rockets you into your future. Take a risk and act on your instincts. As long as you are doing what is authentically you, you are being true to yourself, your values and beliefs, what have you got to lose? Let go of all the excuses that stop you from acting. As Nike says JUST DO IT.

Remember: Ideas without action stay inert. Nothing changes without you playing an active role.

Tip: In order to act positively you must be in a positive frame of mind. Post your testimonials where you can see them, source a key memory of a time when you felt great, do something that inspires you.

Technical: To be successful, act like a success. The more you do it the more you believe it and so do others.

Caution: Think before you act. Doing without direction leads to disastrous results.

Finally: Having the courage to DO IT can make the difference between existing and living the life you love.

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3 Responses to "Do It"


An excellent post and one that is very relevant to coaching. A lot of clients will always make a verbal commitment to action but when they go away and think about it fear usually takes over. I try to get clients to commit to small steps towards their goals. In that way they begin to experience what success looks like. If it doesn’t work, well at least they will have some feedback to make it more succesful next time round.

As I said on Twitter Elizabeth (I wisely store you in my Inner Circle List so I always see your Tweets) there are not many US based blogs that I visit on a regular basis. Yours in an exception as you appeal to an international readership.
Your post reminded me of Patricia Fripp’s book “Fake it, till you make it.”
I’ve always worked on ‘make it so you don’t have to fake it.’

What say you worldwide Bloggers?

Ever Positive,
(My risible name is Scottish, Gaelic for Helen – you can pick up the odd pronunciation from audio file in banner web site…just do it?)

Hi Eilidh
Many thanks for your kind comments. Am interested in your remarks about US based blogs and am curious as to why you think mine is US based? Also, please tell me what I say that appeals to an international readership. I like learning about how I come across and am always open to feedback. Let me know if there’s a particular topic you’d like me to address.
Keep reading!

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