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Posted on: December 7, 2010

What is happiness? Contentment, satisfaction, intense joy? However you see it, it’s within your grasp. Like generosity, happiness breeds good will and attracts others to you. People like to be with happy people. So, how do you keep yourself and your team happy?

When a sample group was asked, “What makes you happy at work?” some of the responses were

  1. Embracing a positive attitude
  2. Connecting with clients and colleagues
  3. Having my achievements rewarded

Communication, attitude, and reward were consistently reported as important to happiness at work. If you find that your team isn’t feeling very happy, and this is reflecting in their work, what can you do to stem the negative tide?

Keep the ‘half full’ approach to life, remembering that a positive attitude produces positive results. Find out what motivates and inspires each individual and respond accordingly. Communicate clearly and often. Talk to your team – ensure that they know what’s expected of them. Seek feedback and answer questions directly and honestly. Tell your team when they’ve done well and demonstrate your appreciation in a meaningful way. And remember, your clients respond to happy messages, too. Letting them know you value them goes a long way in maintaining a positive working relationship. Do this and you’ll go far in creating a happy environment in which individuals flourish and results are achieved.

REMEMBER: Happiness is not an end result; it is a state of being to help you along the way. Don’t endlessly search for what will make you happy. Create your own happiness. By making your thoughts, words and actions positive you’ll experience happy results. As Aristotle said, “Happiness depends upon ourselves.”

TIP: For inspiration watch Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness. Based on a true story, this film demonstrates how determination, integrity, unconditional love and self-belief lead to success. It is a celebration of the state of happiness, which, regardless of circumstances, is accessible to everyone, everywhere. And if that doesn’t capture your attention, Will Smith’s 8 year old son Jaden turns in a stellar performance.

TECHNICAL STUFF: It’s important to get as many happy moments as you can for your health. Your contented mood is the result of endorphins produced by your body. Although research is still being conducted on this subject, endorphins are believed to strengthen the immune system, help you deal with stress, act as analgesics, and postpone aging. So whatever makes you happy – music, laughter, meditation – DO IT! Be happy and live a long and healthy life.

CAUTION: In creating an environment where your team feel good about their work and themselves don’t get over zealous – remember you are not responsible for each employee’s personal happiness. Triggers to individual happiness will vary from person to person so don’t impose yours on others.

FINALLY: Happiness is not a limited resource. It is infinite and available at any given moment. Wherever you are, open your hearts, minds and eyes to all the potential for happiness out there and let it in. You’ll find that happiness is contagious – so when you’ve caught it, be generous, have fun, and pass it on!

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