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Festive Party Tips

Posted on: November 25, 2010

With the Festive Season upon us, and plenty of opportunities to make profitable business contacts, here are Kuhnke Communication’s A* Tips for Networking

1. Accept invitations.  As many as you possibly can. You never know whom you might meet. Remember, during this special season of fellowship and good cheer people are open and receptive to new people and possibilities. Remember:  Relationships take time to cultivate.  If nothing tangible comes immediately from attending an event, you will have sowed some seeds for the future.  Before you go, determine the specific desired outcomes you want to achieve.

 2. Aim to engage. Make it your goal to establish substantial connections at every opportunity.  Look for points of commonality. In order to genuinely connect, treat others with respect If you swap cards or contact details follow up with a personal card or email letting the person know that you valued meeting them.   Authentically connecting with people establishes trust and builds relationships.  

3. Actively listen.  Ask questions and respond to what is said.  Keep a coat rack in your head to hang details on – remembering the specifics about other people enhances their positive view of you.  When you see people you know, show sincere interest in how they have been since you last met and refer to your previous conversations. When you meet someone for the first time, inquire about them and their interests, needs and concerns.  Demonstrate your curiosity. Show interest in the other person.

4. Act authentically.  People are drawn to genuine, honesty and sincere people.  Behave in a way that reflects you at your best.  It’s how you’ll be remembered.

5.  Avoid over-indulging.  Too much food, alcohol, and other substances can detrimentally affect your judgement.   Ah, you already knew that!

Enjoy your holiday networking opportunities.    And may this festive season be filled with health, happiness and prosperity.

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