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Posted on: November 18, 2010

Top Tips for Web Presentations: 

Being able to succeed at presentations online is increasing in importance as it saves travelling and speeds up a decision making process. The environment is completely different to that of a board room, with audiences in remote locations, but preparation remains the key to success.

  • Keep it brief – presenting through the web you do not have the captive audience you would when presenting in person. Webcast participants are either at home or in their offices, with numerous distractions, including ringing phones, knocks at the door or the temptation to do other work whilst listening to you. Presentation should 30 minutes max. plus time for questions and answers, with the introduction no longer than 2 minutes.
  • Use stronger voice inflections – your audience [sometimes] can’t see you, therefore hand gestures, facial expressions and body language are redundant. Use a stronger tone and more prominent inflections in order to get points across.
  • Speak slowly and energetically. – Presenters will often speak too quickly because they can’t see their audience. This mistake can confuse the audience and lose their attention.
  • Use visual stimulation – audiences need to see notes, PowerPoint slides, white board, or some kind of visual stimulation in sync with the presentation. When more than one sense is engaged, audiences may learn and retain more of the presentation.
  • Keep it interactive to maintain audience engagement. Take polls or surveys or ask questions
  • Send follow-ups to all registrants. Building the relationship with those viewing your content, perhaps supplementary information, questions and answers or just a note to thank them.
  • Provide a chance for all viewers to opt in to receive updates whether it is a newsletter or future webinars.
  • Magnify your vocal energy – 15 percent more than your ordinary phone voice. Use the same gestures and body language you would when presenting in person. If it feels natural, stand when you present.


  • Eliminate background noise 
  • Check your equipment ahead of time
  • Be on the lookout for glitches
  • Make sure you can see what the viewers see.
  • The presenter should be framed from the waist up with an extra 10% of the picture above his head
  • Avoid stripes, plaids, red, or the same colour as the background.
  • Limit hand gestures, coughing, finger drumming etc.

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