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Posted on: November 11, 2010

Have you ever sat through a presentation that was mumbled, rushed or garbled? No matter how credible the content, the delivery made the message difficult to grasp. To connect with your listener you have to engage at an emotional level. How can you do this? Begin with your voice. An authentic voice is powerful – it represents your values and your vision. Your voice is you.

! Values. What do you most value about yourself? We all have a core set of personal values – positivity and risk-taking are two of mine. For you it may be enthusiasm, finances, generosity, integrity, trustworthiness, family . . . the list is long. Identify which values are vital to your make up. Then consider how you project them in the way you speak. When you speak from your core values your voice resonates with authenticity.

! Vision. How do you currently visualize yourself? How does that vision match/differ from the image you want to project? Visualise your voice at its best. What does it sound like? How are you feeling as you’re speaking? How is your listener responding to you? By making your vocal vision clear and compelling, you can create the voice you want.

! Voice. How do you treat your voice? What thought do you give to vowels and consonants? How quickly/slowly do you speak? Where do you place your voice? What is your voice saying about you?

Remember: Visualising how you want to project your values informs how you speak.

Tip: Correct breathing is essential for a well modulated voice. Align yourself and breathe from your core.

Technical: Research shows that 38% of your message is conveyed through your voice.

Caution: If your throat hurts while practising vocal exercises STOP.

Finally: In order to create a clear, confident, and compelling voice, you must embrace your values. You must be clear about the vision you want to project. And you must treat your voice with respect. A genuine desire to communicate effectively is the foundation from which your authentic voice will develop.

! Identify your values

! Incorporate them in your vision

! Mobilize them in your voice


 Volume does not equal power!

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1 Response to "Voice"

Great article about a topic that is often forgotten. I do a lot of singing (in a choir) and have noticed that my voice has improved a lot. I would recommend this as a useful and enjoyable voice exercise for anyone who uses their voice a lot in business.

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