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Make a Change – Have Some Fun!

Posted on: October 25, 2010

Laugh out loud! Go on, aim for a real belly laugh. Just do it! If it doesn’t feel natural think of some positive triggers: funny family photos or memories, a time when you couldn’t stop laughing, music, a comic book or sketch, dancing, singing, or whatever lights you up. Simply by thinking of this you will sense a shift in your mood and posture – your head is held high, your face lights up, and you feel positive. Bring a toy into work, or a picture that makes you smile, and share it with your team. This positivity will radiate to all those around you and open up channels of communication. You will instantly feel stronger, more alive and creative.

The benefits of keeping a sense of fun and happiness are simple. Finding joy in every situation results in life’s challenges becoming less daunting. By sharing play and enjoyment with others you will communicate more effectively and your relationships will deepen and strengthen. People will enjoy being around you and tasks will seem less onerous. So go on, dissolve into laughter and approach your life with a positive glow – just watch how it transforms you and all those around you.

REMEMBER: Laughter is contagious so share it often and generously. The more people laugh together the stronger their relationship becomes. It’s the most satisfying way of communicating to all involved so don’t be shy – you’ll reap the benefits.

TIP: Know what makes you laugh. If you’re feeling cranky or have a difficult task ahead, remember a hilarious moment, really focus on it, allow the smile to radiate and give out a real belly laugh. You’ll find you will approach the task with greater ease and less trepidation.

TECHNICAL STUFF: Scientific studies have shown that having fun and laughing reduces stress, boosts your immunity, enhances communication, decreases anxiety, inspires creativity, raises morale and helps us keep perspective and balance. It’s got to be good!

CAUTION: Closed lipped smiles – you look like you’re hiding something. Solution: authenticity – keep it real and show those teeth when you grin.

FINALLY: Enjoyment holds the capacity for transformation in every realm –business, personal and spiritual. Laugh more, share it with others, feel better, live longer and attract more abundance into your life.

COMMENTS: We value your experiences, suggestions and ideas. We would love to hear your recommendations for how to have fun at work and how it helps you get through stressful times. Share your thoughts with our readers by sending them to info@kuhnkecommunication.com .

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2 Responses to "Make a Change – Have Some Fun!"

Love your post on happiness & fun! Very cool!

Many thanks for your very cool response, which made me happy!

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