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Posted on: October 14, 2010

   Some people thrive on chaos. Others prefer a structured environment. While I’m one of the former, I am well aware that organised living, thinking and working provides a structure within which you can perform at your best. Practise these simple steps to feel energised, focused, and – may I say – joyous as you tackle your tasks with new found vigour.

       Organise your workspace. Be rigorous about ridding yourself of mess and clutter. Keep only what is necessary. If you have business cards collecting dust on your desk while waiting to be put into your data base, either book in time for logging the information, or throw the cards out. By organising your environment you free yourself from fretting about where you put that pen/letter/pair of scissors. Note how liberated you feel when you reach for what you want and it’s there, enabling you to get on with the task at hand.

       Organise your mind. Allow your mind to go off with the fairies from time to time. Let it wander and free associate. This is valuable creative thinking time. Then, home in on the detail, stay in the here and now, and zero in on the task. Take time at the beginning of each day to review your commitments and ‘to do’ lists. By using a trusted system to remind you of what needs doing, you can commit completely to the job in hand, gaining the satisfaction of ticking the boxes along the way.

       Organise your work. Anyone who thinks they can ‘wing it’ at work is kidding themselves. A structured approach is vital for success. Set out a plan and take it on one task at a time.

ANECDOTE: A client was struggling with his formal presentations. He had no system for organising his thoughts, was unclear about his key points, and hadn’t considered his listeners’ needs and concerns. Working with Kuhnke Communication’s Presentation worksheets, we got him to structure his thinking and his approach. He now embraces the opportunity to present, designing and delivering fail proof presentations on a regular basis. 

REMEMBER: The biggest challenge to getting organised is getting started – once you start KEEP GOING.

TIP: Action those tasks you’ve been meaning to do, or get rid of them.

TECHNICAL STUFF: Research shows that interference from distraction negatively impacts on memory function.

CAUTION: Never-ending ‘to do’ lists can drain both your energy and your time. Categorize them, keep them relevant, and review them regularly.

FINALLY: When your working space is free from clutter and your mind is clear and focused you can complete your tasks quickly, confidently and with commitment. From conception to completion organisation is at the heart of success.


  •        Clutter free environment
  •        Clear mind
  •        Structured approach

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