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Communicating with Confidence

Posted on: October 8, 2010

You want to communicate in a way that motivates, convinces and inspires. Use our tips, tools and techniques every time you speak and, whether the audience is one person or a thousand, the basic principle will always apply.

The three principles are clarity, confidence and commitment.

So, how do you demonstrate confidence when you’re shaking in your boots?

How can you create a presentation that is clear and compelling?

What do you need to know to convince your audience?

If you are confident, there is no mountain too high, no valley too low, no river too wide to keep you from reaching your goals.  But what if you’re not feeling confident?  What if every little word going through your head is telling you, “You can’t do this”?

Start by cutting off the negative self-speak.  “Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re right,” said Henry Ford.  Given the choice, go for the positive.  Look for what you do well and remind yourself on a regular basis.  Why waste time and energy being your own worst enemy when a little bit of positive self-talk can lead you to success?

Next, find yourself a role model.  Someone credible.  Someone who speaks with passion and conviction.  Someone whose way of presenting makes you sit up and take notice.

Once you’ve picked your person, observe their behaviour.  What does that person do that rings true for you?  Is it the way they use their voice?  Is it how they command attention through stance and gesture?  Is it how they use their eyes to connect with their audience?  Chances are it’s all of the above.

Once you have noted the behaviour, make it your own.  Look at your audience, not at the floor (ceiling, wall, table).  When you move, move with purpose.  When you speak, speak from your core.  Smile.  If you look like you’re enjoying what you’re doing your audience will enjoy the experience with you.

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