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Posted on: October 5, 2010

Gestures are a part of our daily communication.  They are a means of demonstrating our attitude about a subject.  They can reinforce our message or contradict what we’re saying, giving an insight into our REAL feelings.

According to psychologists, using gestures while speaking improves the brain function of the speaker, making them more effective communicators.

 Open and closed statements can be demonstrated visually by the way we gesture.  When we speak with our palms facing upwards we are being open and inviting.  The open palm gesture is effective for introducing oneself and inviting a response from your listener.

 Contained gestures indicate authority.  Gestures, such as those used by Prince Charles, or the BBC political editor Andrew Marr accentuate the spoken message and are healthy for the speaker

 When our palms are facing downwards they indicate a strong, definitive statement, one which is not open for debate. 

 Dr Susan Goldin-Meadow of the University of Chicago.  Professor of psychology. argues that gesturing “helps mental coherence and increases the efficiency of speech.” Research has concluded that gesturing helps to stimulate our memories as well as reinforcing the message.

What do your gestures say about you?

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