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Reasons to smile!

Posted on: September 30, 2010

Humans are the only animals who have the ability to smile and laugh.

According to anthropologists, of all human expressions, smiling is the only one universally understood.  Throughout the world the smile communicates pleasure, welcome and lack of fear.  A smile is recognised from a greater distance than any other expression.

Over 100 years ago, the French doctor, Israel Waynbaum discovered that smiling effects human emotions.  When one smiles the brain is activated to produce anti-stress hormones.   These hormones then circulate throughout the body.

Waynbaum theorised that emotions often result from facial expressions, rather than always preceding them.  Smiling and laughing bring about a positive mood and are indicative of joy and happiness. 

By contrast, depressive moods and expressions decrease the blood flow to the brain, which in time can lead to physical ill-health.

So, claim your space, breathe from your boots and smile!

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