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Posted on: September 13, 2010

X is for . . . X-Factor

Your x-factor is your USP- that little something that makes you special. It’s the magnet that draws people toward you. If you want to create a positive impact and resonate in people’s memories define, work and live your x-factor.

  •        Define it. What would Simon Cowell and his crew say about you? What is it about you that engages others and makes you sparkle? Is it the resonance of your voice, your interest in others, or your ability to command attention? Perhaps it’s your authenticity or your passion. Ask your friends, colleagues and family what it is about you that wows them.
  •        Work it. Having defined your x-factor take time to develop it. If your smile was identified as your x-factor, practice smiling every chance you get. If you were told that you speak clearly, make sure you do. If your positive outlook was cited as your x-tra something, apply that attitude as often as you can. By developing your x-factor you’ll ensure that you’re comfortable with who you are and others will be, too.
  •        Live it. Once you have identified and rehearsed your x-factor, share it with others. The successful X-Factor contestants practice like mad and consistently live up to those identifiable qualities that make them special. By being true to your x-factor, your authentic self automatically emerges, attracting success into your life. And the more success you attain, the more powerful is your attraction.

Remember: If you’re not sure of what your x-factor is, ask your trusted friends, colleagues, and family members.

Tip: Write down your x-factor and put it someplace where you can see it. Doing so reminds you of how special you are.

Technical: The x-factor at London’s Oxford Circus is an impressive concept and design feat. Based on the award winning X crossings in Tokyo it opens up pathways making it safe and easy to traverse busy intersections and comfortably enter surrounding establishments. In addition, the centre point provides a safe place for stopping to assess the best direction for you to take. See it in action and learn more by clicking here.

Caution: Be true to who you are. Your x-factor is unique to you. It’s impossible to be someone else, so focus on being yourself at your best.

Finally: When you wow the crowd they always come back for more, they rave about you to their friends, and more often than not, they’ll aspire to wow you back.

Comments: We’d love to hear about your x-factor. Send in your thoughts, tips and experiences to us here at info@kuhnkecommunication.com. We look forward to publishing your responses.

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