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7 Tips for Being a 5-Star Networker

Posted on: August 27, 2010

  • Act like a host

Treat everyone with respect and as if they were important. 

Get to the event early so you can greet people as they arrive. 

Make everyone feel welcome. 

Invite others into your conversation.

  • Ask for what you want

People aren’t mind readers.  If you don’t ask, you won’t get. 

Make requests, not demands. 

Aim for the long term relationship.

  • Listen with the intent of “how can I help?”

 If you want to be perceived as interesting, demonstrate interest.

Good things come to those who initiate.

  •  Give generously

Great networkers know that exchanging information, making new introductions, sharing contacts, giving referrals and promoting goodwill demonstrates sincerity and leads to new relationships, new opportunities and greater accomplishments.

  •  End conversations graciously

Introduce the person you’re speaking with to someone else.  Give plausible reasons for leaving the conversation.  Wanting to make contact with other people at the event is a perfectly acceptable reason for moving to another group.  Just don’t leave the other person standing by herself.

  • Follow through

Keep your word.  Foster relationships.  If you say you’re going to make contact, DO!

  • Have a clear goal for each networking event you attend

Do your homework.  Know who’s going to be there.  Ask yourself, “What do I want to achieve as a result of attending this event?”

In Summary… 

Be yourself at your best: open and ready to connect.


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