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The End of an Era

Posted on: August 12, 2010

Crossed arms and hands on hips.  Lowered brows and loose lips.  A steady stare and a tight mouth.  Capello and Beckham have it out.

If you look at the body language of these two men, even the most insensitive observer would notice that England’s  furry faced iconic footballer and his black cladded Latin manager were in dispute.  “He’s a really nice gy,” Capello says of Beckham.  And boy, can’t you just tell he means what he’s saying by the way he’s saying it?

After last night’s slip of an announcement one wonders whether the England manager knew what he was doing.   Beckham no longer playing for England?  An era over?  Did Capello really not tell Beckham himself before making his pronouncement to the sporting press? 

  At 35 and with an assortment of injuries, the majority of fans would concur that it’s time for the legend to make way for younger, fitter players.  But, golly.  What a way to go.  A garbled message delivered in broken English with a  cacophany of hungry journalists braying for a story.  

What next for this sporting hero?  At 35 does he really need to be running down a field, kicking a ball into a net or bouncing it off his head, rattling his brain cells with each thump?  Perhaps he’s happier to let the youngsters do the rough stuff while he continues to leverage his brand.  

Every age has its grace. Let Beckham continue to achieve his goals off the pitch as a husband, father, and public figure.  Just allow him his dignity when you speak to the press.  Wouldn’t he do the same for you?

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